What is the GrowHort™?

A community-based cohort for first-time hobby growers.

As a 🌱 Hobby Grower, I started my first cannabis seeds in 2019 and I know how overwhelming the idea of a grow can be.

That’s why I’m doing everything I can to make it as easy as possible for you to grow your first plant from seed to harvest in 90 days.

GrowHort participants benefit from full concierge-level assistance:

• Everything you need shipped to to you at no additional charge.

• Your hand is held every step of the way, from seed to harvest.

• Giveaways at Live Sessions throughout the cohort

• Guest Speakers from Cannabenoid’s network of growers and industry pros

• Lifetime access to Replays, Downloads, and Hobby Grow Shop discounts

What is the GrowHort?

The GrowHort is a community-based cohort platform that makes it easy for first time hobby growers to try growing their own removing as many variables as possible.

There’s so many ways to get started. It’s daunting. So we are starting small, simple, streamlined: 2x2x4′ Grow Tent, 100w Light, 5-Gallon Smart Pot, Autoflower genetics (70-80 days from seed to harvest), Single-Application Nutrients (Just add water).

With 90 days of assistance from me, your fellow hobby grower as well as tools and assets to get going, concierge service to get your setup started, plus a Discord Community to engage with other first timers in the program, participants will have everything they need to start a hobby grow as easily as possible.

Each GrowHort includes 13 live sessions (a Meet & Greet & 12 sessions, including harvest and graduation parties).


Start your first 🌱 hobby grow with a group of first-timers and guidance from actual Hobby Growers.

If you:

• Are 21+

• Have $499 (including all equipment)

• Live in a Legal State

• Have space for a 2x2x4

• Have never grown indoors

• Are willing to start in June 2023

You’re in the right place 😎

*Each cohort has a limited amount of space to ensure the best possible experience.

What is the Cost?

The June cohort starts at $499 to be part of the GrowHort that covers a Moderate 2x2x4 setup (see list below) and the administration costs of this program.

Everything you need will be shipped directly to you.

Commit to 90 days of growth and see what happens.

See the Supplies List: https://bit.ly/2x2shoppinglist-v1

Once You Sign Up:

Once You Sign Up:
  • Gain access to the 🌱 Hobby Growers Discord and familiarize yourself with this powerful group-chat app that we will use throughout the GrowHort.
  • Work with Ben to get your setup ordered and shipped to your home (in a state that has legal cultivation)
  • Start reading through the resources in Discord and Letters from the Grow
  • Our next cohort starts in June, with more info to follow. 

*Each cohort has a limited amount of space to ensure the best possible experience.

Cohort Timeline (Example)

Here’s a preview timeline plays so you can get an idea of what to expect: (Dates subject to change)

  • Jan 7th germinate
  • Jan 9-10 Plant – Day 0 + week 1
  • Jan 17 Week 2 begins
  • Jan 24 W3
  • Jan 31 W4
  • Feb 7 W5
  • Feb 14 – W6 Transition Time
  • Feb 21 – W7 Transition Time
  • Feb 28 – W8 Bloom
  • Mar 7 – W9 Bloom
  • Mar 14 – W10 Bloom
  • Mar 21 – W11 Final Stretch
  • Mar 22 – Harvest Option (Day 71)
  • Mar 28 – W12 Final Stretch
  • April 4 – Harvest Option (Day 84)
  • Dry: 7-14 Days
  • Smoke a sample on 4/20
  • Cure 1-4 Weeks or longer 


What’s the typical yield on a 2×2 space? I know it varies.

My first grow in a 2×2 from seed was just over an ounce. With the most recent 2×2 run of ice cream cake (Photo), I got just over 2.5 ounces. 

The goal is to get everyone 1+ ounces from their plant.


What genetics are we growing?

This project will grow an auto from seed (seed to harvest in 80ish days). 

The seeds that everyone will be growing for this effort:

  • ETHOS Genetics – Banana Split (Banana Daddy x Banana Hammock) Auto

What are the major benefits between the moderate and ballin setup?

So, Baller is mostly just higher quality materials/tools for longer term use. 

The pH meter is much nicer, the tent is nicer (and has a lifetime warranty), the light is the same for both but nicer than budget, fans will be quieter and have more control, and I think that the smart controller is just cool for the person with extra spend who wants to have tracking available to them on their phone/automatically.

If you would like to upgrade to the baller setup, please indicate that In your application and we will work with you. Note: this will increase the cost of your GrowHort package.

What do you recommend?

We work with the moderate setup for the GrowHort unless costs aren’t really an issue. If you enjoy your first grow, you may want to upgrade to a nicer tent when you get a bigger tent, rather than having the nicest version of the smaller tent, for example. 

*Each cohort has a limited amount of space to ensure the best possible experience.