Hop Latent Viroid (HLVD) Mail-In Test Kit


Reduce the risk of suffering costly pathogen outbreaks and improve yield by testing for HLVd with this mail-in Virus Detection Kit.

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Reduce the risk of suffering costly pathogen outbreaks that destroy yields.

Whether you’re growing one plant or thousands, Farmer Freeman’s virus detection assay for cultivators will identify plants infected with hops latent viroid (HLVd) using our high quality RT-qPCR testing.

Signs your plants may be infected with HLVd:

  • Curling or yellow leaves
  • Brittle stems
  • Smaller leaves with lighter node spacing
  • Smaller, looser buds with fewer trichomes
  • Overall loss of quality and yield (dudding)

Prevention is key

Screen your plants and incoming clones regularly.

Screen mother plants to ensure they are virus-free before taking cuttings.

Sterilize your equipment before working on each plant.

Note: Samples must be free of trichomes – samples from flowering stage plants will not be accepted.


Product Details:

A single sample collection kit and lab test for hop latent viroid (sometimes referenced as HLV, HLVD, or HpLVd) detection within a cannabis or hemp plant.

Technical Details:

Farmer Freeman’s HLVD tests use an RT-qPCR based test that targets a conserved region of the HLVD genome for maximum accuracy in detecting variants.

Farmer Freeman Hop Latent Viroid Detection Sample Collection Kit includes one (1) test.

Testing and Results are included in the Kit Price.

Samples do not need to be returned all at once. Return samples and receive results in any increment you like. Samples must be free of dirt and chemicals (i.e. take your samples before applying any foliar sprays).

Each Kit includes an Envelope for tissue or sample storage, and a Tag for your plant. Kits and samples must be returned to the lab for analysis. (THESE ARE SENT DIRECTLY TO FARMER FREEMAN. Startahobbygrow.com does not receive any material).

Results sent via e-mail typically within 1-5 business days after lab receipt.

Most customers submit a portion of a healthy leaf or similar plant tissue.


Questions on how to use mail-in tests? Check out this article explaining exactly how to check for Hop Latent Viroid using a mail-in test.







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