Hobby Hash 🍯 (eBook)


Everything you need to start making solventless extracts at home, refine your technique, and advance your hash hobby.

Start Making Solventless Hash at Home in 7 Days

Everything you need to start making solventless extracts, refine your technique, and advance your hash hobby.

Written by Ben Owens, creator of 🌱GrowHort – the community for first time hobby growers.
“This is a $1000 course – and he just put it out there for anyone to have.”

“I’m shocked how simple it was to make hash at home.”

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Here’s Everything that’s inside:

Lesson #1. Hobby Hash Basics – Definitions, Types, & General Guidances
Lesson #2. Dry Sift – The easiest way to make solventless at home
Lesson #3. Dry Ice Hash – A Quick Process for High Yield Extracts
Lesson #4. Water Hash – 2 Ways To Start Hand Washing Today
Lesson #5. Water Hash – Drying Your Water Hash Without A Freeze Dryer
Lesson #6. Water Hash – Machine Washing & Freeze Drying
Lesson #7. Rosin – Start Squishing Your Favorite Flower & Hash Today
Lesson #8. BONUS: How To Make Your Own Rosin Vapes
Lesson #9. BONUS (Advanced): Tools To Continue Your Hobby Hash Training

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